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Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects – vehicles, machines, home appliances, and more – that use sensors and APIs to connect and exchange data over the Internet.

Benefit from our expertise in connectivity management coupled with our IoT platform that brings scalability and enables ecosystems in order to reduce barrier-to-entry and unleash the IoT business potential for service providers.

Additionally, our off-the-shelf industry offerings are created to enable service providers to have ready made IoT solutions to take to their enterprise customers and kick-start their IoT business.

  • New business models and revenue
    Automatic product replenishment? Subscription services? Apps? The IoT is disrupting traditional business models and creating massive opportunities for companies to create new services based on real-time sensor data and information.

  • Operational efficiency
    One of the biggest benefits of the IoT is the efficiency it can offer. Many companies are using it to automate business and manufacturing processes, remotely monitor and control operations, optimise supply chains, and conserve resources.

  • Workforce productivity
    Wearables and other IoT-enabled devices are boosting workforce productivity and job satisfaction in many verticals. The technology is helping employees improve decision making, automate routine tasks, fast-track communication, and more.

  • Enhanced customer experiences
    From integrating customer care with actual product performance and usage, to delivering highly personalised products and services, the IoT offers many ways to create more compelling customer experiences across digital and physical worlds.